Friday, 29 April 2011

Belgian Cherry Wheat Beer (Huyghe)

Belgian Cherry Wheat Beer
Name: Belgian Cherry Wheat Beer
Label: "A blend of Belgian wheat beer & juice pressed from Griotte cherries - Refreshing, fruity, full of cherry taste"
Brewery: Huyghe Brewery
ABV: 3.5%

Rating: Absolutely marvellous. I could drink this constantly in place of water.  The bottle also advises, "This Belgian cherry fruit beer is from the Huyghe Brewery synonymous with its pink elephant logo".  It's probably best not to ask...

Game: There was a Royal Wedding the other day. I missed this historic occasion because I was playing Kinectimals. I missed twenty million quids worth of wedding because I was throwing virtual frisbees at my virtual lion cub (called "Killer" by the way). Boom!

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