Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Southwold Winter Beer (Adnams)

Southwold Winter Beer
Name: Southwold Winter Beer
Label: "Seasonal guest with English fuggles & boadicea hops - Fruity, deep & rich - Created by Adnams Master Brewer Fergus Fitzgerald
Brewery: Adnams Brewery (exclusively for Marks & Spencer)
ABV: 4.0%

Rating: Ok its not winter. So? This is made in the flavourful 'Broadside' style. The label mentions stuff about six eighteen-pounder cannons that commemorate the Battle of Sole Bay. What's this? Allied with the French?

Game: Got Red Dead Redemption a few weeks back. Somehow hasn't yet had a mention even though it's totally awesome.  Yes, it's a bit like GTA IV but with horses. It's the kind of game that makes me want to book a weeks annual leave from work so I can proper immerse myself in it's gun-slinging goodness. So far I'm giving it 8/10.  I'm giving work 2/10 though for stealing all my gaming time.

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