Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fursty Ferret (Badger)

Fursty Ferret (Badger)
Name: Fursty Ferret
Label: "Furst Quenching"
Brewery: Badger
ABV: 4.4%

Rating: Another new Badger label. On the back it says "At one inn, rumour has it that inquisitive ferrets would sneak to the back door to cheekily sample the local brew." Fursty Ferret furst appeared on this blog here, I'm not sure what the review was all about at the time. Anyway: "A sweet nutty palate, hoppy aroma and a hint of Seville oranges, give this tawny amber ale its distinctive personality. Recommended with smooth and creamy West Country Cheddar or indulgent pork pies and mustard".

Game: Happy Gears of War 3 Day to you! Want to hear my epic struggle to get the game?  No?  Tough. I pre-ordered it from Game, and guess what? It didn't arrive on release day, boo-hoo. So I ran (yes ran, nay sprinted) to Asda, bought the game and then ran home. Then I played the game. Whew, what an adventure! Oh and: It. Is. Ace.


The Elderly said...

Where do they find the names? Fursty Ferret is an ace name for a beer.

Never got intot the first gears of war, but delighted you weren't going out what I hope is a gaming delight. Nothing like the anticipation of starting a brand new game.... ahh glorious! My heads gonna be spinning this Friday with all the new releases. Now all this talk of beer and cheddar...

(heads to Gaming Ales kitchen to fix sandwhichs....)

The Elderly said...

erm i think quicker than i type,


"weren't going out what it I hope is a gaming delight"


"werent't going to MISS out ON what I hope is a gaming delight"

(kicks keyboard...)

Bickle77 said...

lol, that happens to me lots, I miss out so many letters and words sometimes its like I'm typing in another language.

Yeah Gears aint everyones cuppa tea, but for me it was my first experience of Xbox 360 and I loved it from day one (although I'm shite at multiplayer). Enjoy the new releases! So many great games coming out this Autumn.

The Elderly said...

see that's what i dont' get, my aim is goodish in single player and then I venture forth into multiplayer and seconds later I'm toast, well not toast exactly, that would be absurd...:(

but players camped over spawn points does my head in, it's put me off multiplayer

(heads off to make some toast...)