Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pendle Witches Brew (Moorhouse's)

Pendle Witches Brew (Moorhouse's)
Name: Pendle Witches Brew
Label: "A light golden beer, soft, crisp and bitter-sweet flavours"
Brewery: Moorhouse's
ABV: 5.1%

Rating: Great beer, I've only drank it once before and that was at a beer festival about fifteen years ago. At least I think it was this beer, the memories are fuzzy, bordering on non-existent...

Game: In the last post I mentioned my Halloween date with Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City. Well what an anti-climax that was! I didn't even get an invite into his cell. No meal, no coffee, no film. See you at Thanksgiving! When the heck is Thanksgiving anyway? And how come those lucky Americans get Thanksgiving and Christmas, whilst we only get Christmas?


James Sterling said...

Hmm my date with the C-man was equally lame. Think you have to go through that 11 more times for the achievement.

Visited him as Catwoman and got some interesting dialogue about her birthday...bit confused though.

Bickle77 said...

I didnt clock how many dates were circled on the calendar... so have to visit eleven more times!?? Or maybe set the xbox date to the relevant dates? Either way sounds like mither to me lol.

Nice touch that there's different dialogue for Catwoman!

The Elderly said...

Oh to even find the calendar man.... I'm going so slow, they should have a playable character called the snail!! :(

Bickle77 said...

So thats what the slimy trail all over Gotham is! I thought someone sneezed!

The Elderly said...

LOL yup that was me,

I'm going so slow I think Catwoman's great grandaughter has replaced her :(