Saturday, 14 April 2012

Black (Crabbie's)

Black (Crabbie's)
Name: Black
Label: "For more than two hundred years Crabbie's has shipped its ginger from the Far East - following in the pioneering footsteps of the first Scots Merchant Adventures - hence our distinctive Elephant Trade Mark"
Brewery: Crabbie's
ABV: 6.0%

Rating: "Oak matured with extra ginger for enhanced strength & taste - Crafted with added spice & citrus for a rich aroma & flavour." It's spicy AND strong. Beat that.

Game: Suddenly really excited about the Witcher 2. It's rated A for Awesome apparently and the trailer tells me it contains blood & gore, intense violence, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content and use of drugs. One can't argue with that now, can one? The only question left is, will it feel like I'm cheating on Skyrim?  If you're still undecided, check out for a preview. Someone buy me that boxset!


Elderly Gamer said...

Oh my! 8)

Thank you so much!

I better get back and tidy up!

Skyrim dosen't need to know and I for one will be making sure the two never meet!

( hugs Bickle..... leaves)

Bickle77 said...

No need to tidy up, place looked spotless!

Looking forward to Witcher Two-sday now.

...High-fives Elderly on the way out...

Elderly Gamer said...

Damn I just realised, Skyrim is going to see my Witcher 2 saves....

oh dear... :(

Bickle77 said...

Ah so that's why Microsoft invented cloud game saves! Skyrim saves on the HDD and Witcher 2 in the cloud, and never the twain shall meet :)

Elderly Gamer said...

See that's why I've got Twitter mates... Thank you, infidelity avoided... :)

See James has got his hands on an inadvertent early release of Witcher 2..... I haven't stopped salivating yet....

Bickle77 said...

Yeah, well played James on bagging it early :) Day off for me tomorrow so it's Witcher day for me! You joining us?