Monday, 30 April 2012

Unicorn (Robinsons)

Unicorn (Robinsons)
Name: Unicorn
Label: "First brewed in 1896"
Brewery: Robinsons
ABV: 4.3%

Rating: "Bottled beers come and go, but only a few survive six generations. Such is Robinsons legendary UNICORN Extra Premium Ale... a beer for people who know how to appreciate the best of Britain's distinctive beers. Light and refreshing with a full bodied flavour of rich hops and malt, making it ideal to accompany a meal, for a quiet evening, or to help celebrate a special occasion. Look for the legend. Look for the UNICORN." A stunning beer. If I actually saw a real unicorn I would be less stunned than I am when I drink this beer. That doesn't make much sense but I'm too stunned to care.

Game: I was talking to some ghost in The Witcher 2 (like you do), and he happened to mention to me that "the Unicorn returns" in reference to King Henselt and the Dynasty of the Unicorn. This was at the exact same moment that I happened to be supping a splendid pint of Unicorn ale! This coincidence is more than just a coincidence surely. It's like a double coincidence or something. This witchery weirdness further confirms I'm possibly overdoing it on the Witcher front. Time for a bit of Mario Kart 7 instead... talking toadstools, plumbers and lizard things driving go-karts... far less weird.

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Elderly Gamer said...

No I see exactly wot you mean, with the 4.3 ABV, I'd be knocking back more than ish probbubbly a good idea to knock back at any given time... So I would agree that sometimes the beer just sneeeeekshh up and wallops ya on the head, now a Unicorn is not prone to do such a thing, having at the top of it's ...HIC!

..sorry, where was I?...

Oh yes.. Coincidence... Is in my boooook... Sigh!... another word for Destiny....