Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lightfoot (Theakston)

Lightfoot (Theakston)
Name: Lightfoot
Label: "Legendary ales"
Brewery: Theakston
ABV: 4.1%

Rating: "This is a very pale, golden-coloured ale brewed using English malted barley and wheat, European hops, water from the Yorkshire Dales and the famous Theakston yeast strain to create a 'continental blonde' style, flavour and aroma." A perfect brew for a Sunday night. When I was pouring it I inadvertently created a tornado of bubbles in the glass. Not very interesting, but it looked boss. You had to be there really...

Game: Back in Skyrim tonight for possibly a final farewell, before I get rid and replace her for a younger model (called Witcher 2). Some lucky tinkers actually managed to get hold of Witcher 2 several days early thanks to Tesco "accidentally" putting it on store shelves prior to the official Tuesday 17th release date. Talk about kicking a game retailer when they're down - a new game that Game are actually stocking on release day and everyone's already bought it from Tesco! Well everyone except me by the looks of it, I was too slow on the uptake.

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