Friday, 9 November 2012

Tolly English Ale (Greene King)

Tolly English Ale (Greene King)
Name: Tolly English Ale
Label: "Tolly Cobbold - Full flavoured red - Brewed in Bury St Edmunds"
Brewery: Greene King
ABV: 2.8%

Rating: "This fine amber ale has been brewed using a complex mix of hops to offer balanced bitterness with strong tropical notes. All the flavour you would expect from a great English ale but at only alc. 2.8% vol."  Hang on... they seem to be saying here that low alcohol is a good thing...? Surely someone at the brewery has taken leave of their senses, you may be thinking. No! It's a brilliant session beer!

Game: Current sitrep on XCOM:
  1. my squad is awesome (they've got plasma weapons, mind control, armour where I can pick the colour and everything) 
  2. only three countries have left the council 
  3. all available satellites have been deployed (very important) 
  4. I need to buy some better aircraft 
  5. I need to change everyone's armour from pink to something more manly (it was funny for one mission but I think they're getting cross with me).


Elderly Gamer said...

I accept, I may be completely Pickled.... Hic!!


I like pink...

There I've said it.. Why is the room sp..


Bickle77 said...

Indeed. Pink is a fine colour but the marine with the neck the width of a cooling tower said it makes them a bit of an easy target on the battlefield unfortunately.

Quick, get up! More beer incoming!

Elderly Gamer said...

(elderly lies prostrate on the floor praying they've invented an intravenous alcohol drip....)