Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Twelve Days (Hook Norton Brewery)

Twelve Days (Hook Norton Brewery)
Name: Twelve Days
Label: "Strong, dark & rich - Handcrafted in the Cotswold Hills since 1849"
Brewery: Hook Norton
ABV: 5.5%

Rating: "Twelve Days is a strong dark brown beer, offering a dominantly malty palate with nutty overtones, giving way to a lyrical sweetness that speaks for its strength. It is a fine partner to the cheese board. Cheers!".  It's nearly Christmas, yay! Well... nearly December.. close enough.

Game: Finally!  My Hitman: Absolution pre-order arrived, only four days late but who's counting? (..narrows eyes and looks in The Hut's direction...).  So far so excellent though. I don't recall a previous gaming experience where you can murder a load of targets, then stroll out of the area disguised in a giant Charlie the Chipmunk suit, with the game still evoking an air of deadly seriousness and suspense. A work of art. 8/10

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