Monday, 10 December 2012

Fortyniner (Ringwood Brewery)

Fortyniner (Ringwood Brewery)
Name: Fortyniner
Label: "The New Forest beer"
Brewery: Ringwood
ABV: 4.9%

Rating: "Beer has been brewed in Ringwood for centuries ever since medieval man first mixed the crystal water of the River Avon with the malted barley harvested from the surrounding fertile fields of Hampshire. Fortyniner, a celebration of the New Forest, is a full bodied premium golden beer with a deep bitter-sweet finish. Brewed with Maris Otter barley, Goldings, Progress, Fuggles, and Challenger hops."  Hey, medieval man! You're the greatest!!

Game: Thanks to getting rid of the 'Abomination' (formerly known as Duke Nukem Forever) I was able to crack on with Hitman: Absolution.  It's a brilliant game, I start each level out with good stealthy intentions but as the level progresses it usually just degenerates into a massive bloody shoot-out with me (Agent 47) walking around like the Terminator, head-shotting everyone. Great fun. Although I read this on Twitter, "If you're playing Hitman like a shooter & enjoying it you're an idiot."  I love being an idiot.

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Elderly Gamer said...

...sign me up to the idiot's club, Dishonored was the same, why should I have to skulk around the place? ....if you got the ammo slaughter em I say!, annihilate them. leave not a single one standing....

(...wild eyed and foaming at the mouth elderly checks his blood pressure...)

:( oh this is not good