Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Zeit Geist (BrewDog)

Zeit Geist (BrewDog)
Name: Zeit Geist
Label: "BrewDog is about breaking rules, taking risks, upsetting trends and unsettling institutions but first and foremost, great tasting beer."
Brewery: BrewDog
ABV: 4.7%

Rating: "Idiosyncratic black lager."  It's lager right, but it's black! So it's lager but it's still a craft beer so shush!

Game: Been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition a bit too much. The save file seems to suggest somewhere in the region of 100 hours :(  Feels like I'm hardly getting anywhere as well. The codex itself contains as much content as the entire Game of Thrones books and the Bible combined by the looks of it. So. Much. Reading. Highly enjoyable though. Dragon Age romance update: just got blown off by Josephine, and not in a good way, basically she declined my request to go for a walk :(

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