Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Double Espresso (Traditional Scottish Ales)

Double Espresso (Traditional Scottish Ales)
Name: Double Espresso
Label: "Premio Caffe Birra - Brewed and bottled in Scotland"
Brewery: Traditional Scottish Ales Ltd
ABV: 6.0%

Rating: Great stuff, I can literally taste the coffee!  Strange though, on the label it says brewed in Scotland but it also says imported to Australia. And I bought it from a Sainsburys in the UK. So it's gone from Scotland to Australia to England. Small bottle, big carbon footprint.

Game: More quality journalism from the BBC here, related to 'screen addiction'. Since when has the Xbox been a 'portable hand-held computer games console' anyway? I tried carrying mine around today on the train and it was a complete disaster! Couldn't play a thing on it! Plus balancing the 50 inch plasma telly on my knee was never going to end well.

Before the advent of digital devices, people who read books a lot were called 'bookworms', whereas nowadays people who game a lot or go on their PC a lot are called 'addicts'.

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