Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Screech Owl (Castle Rock)

Screech Owl (Castle Rock)
Name: Screech Owl
Label: "Reach for a Screech - Strong IPA"
Brewery: Castle Rock
ABV: 5.5%

Rating: "Screech Owl IPA is strong, powerful and deft whilst remaining perfectly balanced. Brewed by the award-winning Castle Rock Brewery, it's a Pale Ale that soars high. Now brewed for bottle with a higher hopping rate, it delivers the enhanced flavour profile demanded by the modern beer drinker. American hops provide additional  aggression to the recipe and rip into the palate in a way akin to the deliverance from the talons of nature's natural predators. We say 'Reach for a Screech' but exercise caution!"  You literally can't beat an aggressive beer.

Game: Just coming up to about half-way in the four single player campaigns for Resident Evil 6. Yeah, FOUR campaigns! And nearly half-way through means I've nearly finished... er... two of them. Amazing game, superb movie-like cutscenes and action sequences. I don't remember playing an over-the-shoulder third person shooter before where you get to fly a jumbo jet, a helicopter, a jet fighter, drive a jeep, be a gunner on said jeep and have fights against massive mutant bosses. More fun than you can shake a vial of C-Virus at. 8/10.


Elderly Gamer said...

As to why the reviewers sought to malign this gem is beyond me, thoroughly engrossed with it!!!


Bickle77 said...

Odd isn't it. Maybe there's a slight over reliance on QTEs and its fairly linear, and its about as scary as a kitten. But as far as action-oriented shooters go its a beaut!

Elderly Gamer said...

guess I spook too easy..

Yikes!!! what was that!!!!