Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pumphouse Pale Ale (Sambrook's)

Pumphouse Pale Ale (Sambrook's)
Name: Pumphouse Pale Ale
Label: "Brewed in London - Sambrook's Brewery is based in Battersea, London, nestled between the river Wandle and the Battersea Power Station. We use the finest ingredients to create hand crafted ales."
Brewery: Sambrook's
ABV: 4.2%

Rating: "Pumphouse Pale Ale is named after the iconic Pumphouse in Battersea Park. This golden coloured ale is packed full of hop character, which give it a sharp, marmalade taste and a spicy, slightly citrus aroma. Ideal for spicy food, or simply when you are longing for a thirst quenching pint."

Game: An open letter to 2K Games and Firaxis Games. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of the best games I've played for a number of years. And I've played a lot of games over the last couple of years (and drank a lot of beer).


Elderly Gamer said...

Xcom Enemy Unknoooownn

(feverish drooling...)

Friday... when will it be Friday...

...after Thursday!!!!!


Dammit to hell! I hate Work!!!

Bickle77 said...

Hmm, I seem to have a similar issue!

Boss? I need a month off!