Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Calypso (Itchen Valley)

Calypso (Itchen Valley)
Name: Calypso
Label: "The heart of Hampshire - An American Pale Ale"
Brewery: Itchen Valley
ABV: 4.1%

Rating: "Calypso is a richly golden American Pale Ale extracted from the finest Pearl, Amber and Wheat malts.Calypso hops from the USA are used because they can be more punchy (due to the climate and terrain). The beer has a sharp initial bitterness leading to a fruity finish, with hints of apples and pears."

Game: Reading some of the recent reviews of Dead Space 3 made me slightly concerned that one of my favourite game franchises of all time had turned into an actiony, shootery Gears of War clone. Happily this is not the case. Turns out it's Dead Space through and through. The necromorphs are faster, yes, there are a lot more action set pieces than the previous games, and there's the co-op campaign. But these don't detract from the experience in the slightest, they just enhance and build on an already solid experience. Dead Space has definitely evolved but it's still survival horror at it's finest. Don't listen to the bad reviews because when things progress and show signs of change, the naysayers will *always* say nay... Why? Because they're horses. Stupid horses. 9/10.

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