Thursday, 28 February 2013

IPA Gold (Greene King)

IPA Gold (Greene King)
Name: IPA Gold
Label: "Brewed in Bury St Edmunds since 1799"
Brewery: Greene King
ABV: 4.1%

Rating: "Drawing on a heritage of brewing excellence that stretches back to 1799 and created at our brewery in the historic Suffolk market town of Bury St. Edmunds, Greene King IPA Gold is a light, refreshing golden ale that truly brings out the best in the unique and aromatic Savinsjki Goldings hop variety. The craftsmanship in this beer lies in the late hopping which creates a perfect blend of tropical fruits, mango and spicy notes and delivers a beer with a clean bitter taste and a crisp dry finish."

Game: Microsoft are having a games 'sale' on Xbox Live. This time though it really is a sale! The price cuts seem unprecedented. I've never seen the likes of it before. Some examples; Race Driver: Grid £2.69, Ghost Recon £2.69, HAWX £2.69, Halo games from £8! Admittedly these are older games but I think Microsoft are testing the water to see whether price points this low will encourage more people to download digital versions. I imagine very few people have downloaded digital copies of games from the marketplace at the ridiculous amounts that they are normally priced at. This sale looks like it will go on for a few weeks with more titles being added along with daily specials. I'm all for digital downloads if they are fairly priced so this is a welcome turn of events. Let's get buying!

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