Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Snowman's Revenge (Wentworth)

Snowman's Revenge (Wentworth)
Name: Snowman's Revenge
Label: "Best bar none"
Brewery: Wentworth
ABV: 4.1%

Rating: "A delicious chestnut bitter with a full malt character and finished with a delicate balance of Whitbread hops." The snowman may have melted but his revenge remains... in tasty beer form.

Game: Finished the rather exceptional Dead Space 3, now on to Aliens: Colonial Marines that I pre-ordered. Ever get that sickening feeling you've just dropped £30 on 'a bit of a shit game'? That's what I was feeling on Tuesday night when I started to play it. I can discuss it no more at this stage. To take my mind off wasting £30, here are Bickle77's gaming stats for 2012 courtesy of Raptr: 720 hours played (the average is 116), 53 games played (average is 12), 621 achievements unlocked (the average is 69). Game I most played was a split between Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 both clocking in at 8% each of total time played. Fascinating, I'm sure you'll not agree.

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