Thursday, 14 February 2013

Get Thi Coit (Barnsley Beer Company)

Get Thi Coit (Barnsley Beer Company)
Name: Get Thi Coit
Label: "Tha's pulled! - Romantic Ruby Red Ale - Beautiful Beer - Affordable Prices.
Brewery: Barnsley Beer Company
ABV: 4.0%

Rating: "3 little words that mean so much. Romance has always been close to any Tyke's heart (and wallet) and now here's a delicious ruby red ale to help celebrate any special occasion."  In case you're not sure, 'Get Thi Coit, Tha's Pulled' translated to English means 'Please retrieve your outdoor-wear so we may leave this establishment as it appears you've succeeded in acquiring a potential mate for the evening.'  The joke here being that this phrase is not *actually* romantic yet it is being used as the name for a 'romantic ruby ale'. Oh, Barnsley Beer Company, you and your Valentine's Day-related wicked sense of humour.

Game: Aliens: Colonial Marines isn't actually *that* bad. It just suffers from poor production values and looks a bit rough. Once you get over the initial shock of the crummy graphics, poor story, and over-used gaming cliches, it's actually quite addictive, in that 'one more go' kind of way. I also recommend starting out on the hardest difficulty, 'Ultimate Badass,' as it makes things a little more tense and not quite as easy. I give it a flattering 6/10. It would have got 5/10 but playing the game makes me want to re-watch the awesome Alien films again, so it deserves an extra point.


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