Saturday, 7 February 2015

La Tène (Celt Experience)

La Tene (Celt Experience)
Name: La Tène
Label: "Crafted Ale - Bracis-Curmi."  Bracis-Curmi means malted beer apparently.
Brewery: Celt Experience
ABV: 3.3%

Rating: Lots of French words on the back even though the brewer is based in Caerphilly. The label also bids us "Welcome" in big letters. Not sure what's going on to be honest. The beer tastes brill though, a pale bitter, great with chicken so I've found.

Game: Just played through the second episode of Telltales' Game Of Thrones.  Suffice it to say The Lost Lords is superb. It is however a little bit glitchy. Choices from episode one sometimes don't carry over into episode two, although I didn't get this issue. I did get a problem where the graphics didn't pop in and big black blobs appeared instead. *Minor spoiler?* Rodrik was looking at some dead bodies and looked quite scared but I just saw Rodrik looking at some big black blobs and looking quite scared. Lesson learned: dead bodies and big black blobs are both quite scary.

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