Sunday, 1 February 2015

Imperial Ale (Wentworth Brewery)

Imperial Ale (Wentworth Brewery)
Name: Imperial Ale
Label: "Brewed and bottled by Wentworth Brewery"
Brewery: Wentworth Brewery
ABV: 3.8%

Rating: "Our new session bitter, a glowing tawny coloured ale with a refreshingly floral nose. Going down great guns on tap and now brought to you bottled."

Game: So last night was all about the Far Cry 4. This time co-opping with Xbox Live's Red Tomacco showing me how it's done. Couple of achievements achieved and a couple of fortresses beat, plus bell towers and outposts conquered. We did a lot of shooting and Red Tomacco did a lot of reviving a stricken Bickle. Top bloke and a top Far Cry 4 player who seems to be able to fly the length of the map using the wingsuit!


Anonymous said...

Shuks, you were doing pretty well with your RPG as well Bickle. Let's not forget your epic jump from atop a bell tower, going splat on the ground, and proclaiming "sh*t, wrong button!"

GamingAles said...

Yeah my left analog stick pressing abilities were somewhat lacking!