Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Robin Hood (Springhead)

Robin Hood (Springhead)
Name: Robin Hood
Label: "A chestnut-brown traditional bitter with plenty of hops - Brewed in Robin Hood country by Springhead"
Brewery: Springhead
ABV: 4.0%

Tasting notes: "Robin Hood is an aromatic, traditional, chestnut-brown English bitter. It is malty in flavour with a dry, hoppy finish. Robin Hood has been lovingly brewed by master-craftsmen using only the finest English ingredients to ensure that each bottle is as good as the last."

Game: Crikey, Dragon Age: Inquisition is epically long... Feel like I've been playing it for years and I'm still unlocking new areas to explore!  Not complaining though (really). Although maybe games these days are getting a bit too big?  Almost overwhelming in their vastness with too many distractions that detract from a coherent story-driven experience? Personally I think their immenseness is great, I'm just a bit concerned that I'll start to accrue a backlog of unfinished gigantic games as more games get released over the next few years?

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