Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nice (Fyne Ales)

Nice (Fyne Ales)
Name: Nice
Label: "White IPA - Outstanding Craft Beer - Fyne Ales is a Scottish brewery dedicated to brewing outstanding craft beer with passion and integrity"
Brewery: Fyne Ales
ABV: 5.2%

Tasting notes: "Nice is the beer for those who have been perfect angels this year, a white IPA with a fresh citrus aroma. Nice gets it's very pale, almost white, colour from the addition of wheat to the brew while Motueka, Stella, Galaxy and Citra hops along with fresh citrus peel give the beer a heavenly citrus character."

Game: Just realised I've not played a Sierra game for about 25 years, the last one probably being King's Quest V on PC. Well rejoice because King's Quest is back on this-gen consoles and I realise I'm suddenly old!  It's no longer a point-and-click adventure but who cares, it's still got the obtuse puzzles but not quite as obtuse as yester-year, or maybe I'm just slightly less thick 25 years on? Things like, use meat with bush (not a euphemism), use wooly socks on knight etc. There's also the great art style and now superb voice acting. There might have been great voice acting years ago but I didn't have a soundcard. So, overall I'm well pleased to be playing this.  Episode 1: 8/10.  Now if only they would reboot Space Quest and Police Quest...

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