Monday, 14 September 2015

Shipwreck IPA (Eden Brewery)

Shipwreck IPA (Eden Brewery)
Name: Shipwreck IPA
Label: "Traditionally brewed and bottled in Scotland by an artisan brewing process"
Brewery: Eden Brewery
ABV: 6.2%

Tasting notes: "Traditionally beer would have been highly hopped and strong in alcohol so it could survive long shipping journeys to allow our ancestral expats to enjoy quality beers from home shores; this is where we have taken our inspiration for our Shipwreck IPA. Jam packed with English, American and Australian hops, our IPA has a well balanced, yet complex, deep hoppy flavour with rich, zesty and tropical aromas. Please don't drink and sail."

Game: So is the EA Access subscription any good? Well... yes! Yes it is! Downloaded a bunch of American sports games I've not played before like NBA Live 15 (basketball), NHL15 (hockey), UFC (fighting), FIFA 15 (soccer), Battlefield 4 (rifle club).  They're all kinda old as you can tell from the year and/or number after the title, but considering you get around 10 games for £19.99 a year it's not bad. And hopefully EA will add more titles and branch out from American sports games a bit in future.

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