Saturday, 19 September 2015

Ruby Ale (Tesco)

Ruby Ale (Tesco)
Name: Ruby Ale
Label: "Rich & Smooth Roasted Barley Character"
Brewery: Tesco - can't actually see a brewery name on the bottle so we'll just go with Tesco.
ABV: 4.1%

Tasting notes: "Full of flavoursome roasted barley malt, ruby in colour with a rich fruity taste and dry bitterness to finish."   Tesco is the best supermarket cos they now make beer!

Game: It's that time of year again, PES and FIFA time. As FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 seemed identical to me, I've opted for PES 2016 this year. Seemed like the same old PES routine at first, turn off appalling menu music, check, rename all the English teams to the real names, check, rename all the stadiums, check. Yaaaaaaaaawn. But the actual footy is brilliant! Other than the atrocious graphics on crowd close-ups spoiling the illusion a bit, the actual playing of the footballs is superb 9/10.

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