Sunday, 9 July 2017

Maritime Salted Caramel Porter (Meantime)

Maritime Salted Caramel Porter (Meantime)
Name: Maritime Salted Caramel Porter
Label: "Brewed exclusively for Marks & Spencer"
Brewery: Meantime
ABV: 5.5%

Tasting notes: "This ale is brewed by the Meantime Brewery using 7 different malts and British hops from Kent to produce a very well balanced, traditional porter, a style of ale which dates back to 1750. It's been given a fantastic Belgian-inspired twist with the flavours of rich salted caramel."

Game: We're branching out our business on Elite Dangerous. To start with we were transporting data. Now we're starting to trade proper - yesterday we travelled somewhere to buy fish. We were able to fit a whole two fish in the cargo hold. My spaceship looks pretty small but surely there's room for more than two fish?  I could have stuck a fish in each pocket and traded more? We've either got the smallest cargo containers in the world or the fish were actually 59ft megalodons [I'd like to see you try and fit those in your pocket - Ed]

Mission rating: 2 fish out of 2

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