Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Scarborough Fair IPA (Wold Top)

Scarborough Fair IPA (Wold Top)
Name: Scarborough Fair IPA
Label: "An India Pale Ale Full of Coastal Harmony"
Brewery: Wold Top Yorkshire Brewery
ABV: 6.0%

Tasting notes: "Strong and well hopped for the voyage, sending IPA from the Wolds to the World. Interestingly brewed with a pale predominately Wold grown malt base, a triple hop blend and Maize for the head retention."

Game: Continuing with the gaming themed figurine reviews, this figurine review is only indirectly associated with gaming but shush up. We're reviewing the Eaglemoss Alien and Predator figurine collection. First up is Issue 1: Alien Xenomorph figurine. These figurines are 1:16 scale which I think means that if they were 16 times as big they would be an actual alien.  This figurine is decent quality, amazingly detailed and really well painted. FYI it's the Alien from the film Alien which is a film about an alien. Even the stand is detailed with the cap of the unfortunate Samuel Brett and the alien's shedded skin. Is shedded a word? Or should it just be shed? Or is that a place to keep a lawnmower?

Anyway, rating: 9/10

Issue 1 Alien Xenomorph figurine
hi-res of Alien Xenomorph from the film Alien about an alien

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