Friday, 26 March 2010

Double Drop (Marston's)

Double Drop
Name: Double Drop
Label: "Crafted ale using the 'Double Dropping' brewing process"
Brewery: Marston's
ABV: 4%

Rating: Home Bargains - bringing out the full clean flavour of the malt for just 99p

Game: I haven't played FIFA 10 for a while. Tonight though I popped it on and played an absolute blinder. It's a pity the real Liverpool squad weren't watching because they could have picked up some tips. Beat Birmingham 0 - 1. Beat Burnley 2 - 1. Then the big game against Arsenal, I go 1 - 0 down due to some shoddy defending for a Fabregas headed goal. Then for the first time since Sensible Soccer in 1994, I managed to score a free-kick! Stevie G in the dying minutes of the first half: (the lack of goal celebration and poor camera angle is down to shock on my part).  An Aqualani second half goal seals the victory. Goodnight!

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