Friday, 12 March 2010

Sixex (Joseph Holt)

Name: Sixex
Label: "A traditional beer for real players"
Brewery: Joseph Holt
ABV: 6%

Rating: Looks like Coke, tastes like awesome.

Game: "Bioshock 2 DLC Already on the disc - Is That Okay?"  No, that certainly is not ok. So downloadable content is already included on the disc that I've already bought? So buying the downloadable content is effectively unlocking what I've already bought rather than, er... downloading content?  Frankly that stinks.  This situation is like when John Lennon said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. I'm going to burn my copy of Bioshock 2 - not really, but I have sold it, yesterday before I knew about this article... but anyway feel my wrath 2K!  At least John Lennon was right 2K, at least he was right.

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