Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Manns Brown Ale (Thomas Hardy)

Manns Brown Ale
Name: Manns Brown Ale
Label: "First brewed in London in 1902. The complex blend of pale & dark roasted malts still lies at the heart of this English beer. A deliciously creamy, biscuity beer with a sweet, lightly hopped more-ish flavour."
Brewery: Thomas Hardy Burtonwood Limited
ABV: 2.8%

Rating: Wow, didn't realise it had such a weak alcohol content when I picked it up. Its ok though because it tastes fantastic.  A "session beer" I think.

Game: More yawnsome FIFA 10 anecdotes I'm afraid. Anyway, I was up 2 - 0 against Bolton and I substituted Albert Riera for Ryan Babel. Martin Tyler and Andy Gray went absolutely berserk in the commentary box. They were going on about how my decision "wasn't exactly out of the text book" and that it was an "odd decision".  Why Martin? Why Andy? It was a perfectly reasonable substitution considering Riera was looking tired. Also he doesn't even play for Liverpool any more! You pair of crazies!

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