Monday, 17 October 2011

Cheshire Chocolate Porter (Unicorn)

Cheshire Chocolate Porter (Unicorn)
Name: Cheshire Chocolate Porter
Label: "Based on an original recipe from 1899 created with the collaboration of renowned chocolatier Simon Dunn - Full bodied with ripe malt & velvety smooth chocolate taste"
Brewery: Brewed for Marks & Spencer by Frederic Robinson Ltd at the Unicorn Brewery
ABV: 6.0%

Rating: 'Renowned chocolatier Simon Dunn' gets around doesn't he, check out his other excellent beer related work here.  Chocolate doesn't agree with me so he's like my arch nemesis or something, but if you're normal and you like chocolate and beer, you should be drinking this by the gallon.

Game: Dead Island finished. Time to get that rotting corpse of a disc out of my Xbox and onto the trade-in pile. That sounds derogatory doesn't it, but it isn't meant to be. The game is brilliant and definitely worth an 8 out of 10. My only issue was whenever I found a vehicle I seemed to have the uncanny ability of getting it stuck on stuff or wedged between stuff and then having to abandon it. That might just be because I suck at driving though. Who needs vehicles anyway, mowing the zombies down in a jeep made things way too easy. Thrashing wildly about with only the "Feeble Wooden Spoon" equipped whilst completely surrounded by zombies is how it's meant to be played, right?


The Elderly said...

(Standing ovation.....)

:( I've abandoned Dead Island for the moment, your driving style is similar to present making my mind up whether I've bought a classic or a disapointment in Rage, I'm so fickle.... beer for me as penance

Bickle77 said...

Ooh I was so close to buying Rage. I picked up the box, stared at it for ten minutes, put it back, picked up Dark Souls, stared at that for ten minutes, put it back, picked up Rage again, stared at it for... and repeat. Sometimes I'm terribly indecisive. Please let us know how you get on with it as its on my "to play" list.

The Elderly said...

okay, here we go, mini review

First look at landscape is breathtaking, but just as your becoming immersed in your surroundings, your in third person view atop a tribike, a complete bummer.

the game progression more comparable to a polished "Borderlands", than Fallout. Npc's and quest givers aren't engaging, though 3d figure modelling is superb and it is cool wandering around towns or settler camps.

Back in fps view again and holstering a pistol leaves you with two extended arms in punching mode, which you can't holster :(

Though this irritation dissappears when in your first town.

The graphics are large overlays, so when in closeup view of the lavish interiors, the detail is blurred and low res.

Now the good bits, while there's no real enticement to wander off and explore, the mini missions are engaging, they stole the dotted route marker straight from Dead Island!!!

First mission does justice to the ai and fighting mechanics. A bit disconcerting unloading four bullets into an charging bandit, without him going down, but you soon learn to compensate.

Still on the first of 3 disks, and i'm looking forward to going back, you soon forget the disengagment of hopping on the tribike, which is later replaced with a modable dune buggy.

Not my greatest purchase, but it's keeping me away from Dead Island, however it's also the reason I haven't picked up Arkham City yet...

Rent before purchase, it won't be to everyone's taste

7.86/10 :)

Bickle77 said...

Thanks for the review! Why do games not let you holster your arms? I may try walking around the shops today with "my dukes up" and see what reaction I get. Likely a black eye...

After reading that review I think I'll still pick it up at some point. Possibly for crimbo if its price drops in time. And I'm not still in Gotham... or some cave in Skyrim...