Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Elsie Mo (Castle Rock)

Elsie Mo (Castle Rock)
Name: Elsie Mo
Label: "Full-bodied & irresistible. Blonde & beautiful.
Brewery: Castle Rock
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: "Elsie Mo is named after the Low Colour Maris Otter Malt that gives our favourite golden girl her beautiful body and complexion.  With a distinctive, yet delicate blend of hops, she's not only full bodied and desirable but totally irresistible." Without trying to sound sexist the lady on the bottle is quite attractive, for a two dimensional drawing that is...

Game: Checked my stats for Batman: Arkham City and noticed I've completed 75% of the main storyline. I nearly wept. I want it to last for years, it really is that good. There have been some reported issues with the Catwoman DLC - this is the DLC available to those that buy the game new. Luckily my code checked out ok and for the record, the Catwoman chapters are absolutely sublime. Her playable chapters slot into the main storyline perfectly and as far as video games go, she is quite possibly the sexiest character you'll ever er... use. Her stealth takedowns are something to behold, it's all long legs wrapped around necks and fancy acrobatic positions. She cat wees all over Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer and leaves them crying into their litter trays, that's for sure.


The Elderly said...

75% 80 already!! did you sleep!? Happy to see Catwoman made it to your home, guess we should have made allowances for the time she needed to get ready.

Local Gamestore are printing out!? the DLC code separately, So they promised I'll have no worries on Halloween weekend. :P

(squints at 2d image on beer label)

"Full Bodied and irresistable" now that's clever word placement :)

Bickle77 said...

Finished :((

Not all side-missions done though :)

Still... finished the main game though :*(

Bickle77 said...

Great idea to play it over Halloween weekend btw :)

Get the beers in and enjoy!

The Elderly said...

fin... already!!


...replay value? withdrawal symptoms? why am I sad too?

Beer and me and games, are not a good combination, tend to forget where I've been. where I'm goin and the bloody tv keeps wobbling..

Bickle77 said...

Hopefully withdrawal symptoms will be alleviated when I try and do some of the combat rooms and challenges, later (apologies for spreading the sadness btw :(

Re, beer and games, its all about moderation dude. I like to be on top of my game when er, playing games so I only tend to drink a couple of pints max. I can't game at all well when pished.

The Elderly said...

you mean it's possible to stop drinking when you start..!!?


how come they don't say that on the label....!?

Though seriously, tend to fall asleep when drinking at home, so my home is generally alchohol free. Three pints and I'm paralytic..

Bickle77 said...

Yeah it took me nearly 20 years to realise that it is possible to stop drinking after you've started. 20 years! My liver must be the size of a peanut by now.

The Elderly said...


they don't put that on the label either....

fingers crossed we were blessed with oversized livers!