Monday, 24 October 2011

Tom Fool (Jennings)

Tom Fool (Jennings)
Name: Tom Fool
Label: "A Classic Amber Ale for the Foolish of Heart"
Brewery: Jennings
ABV: 4.0%

Rating: "Said to enjoy the odd tipple, Thomas Skelton - the ghost of Muncaster Castle is still fooling around today. His favourite beer named after his good self, is a golden amber ale with all the characteristics of a true traditional English beer." Ghosts like it, so it must be ace.

Game: So Batman: Arkham City went straight to number 1 in the UK All Formats Chart. Who saw that happening? Everyone, that's who. The game is quite simply stunning, both in looks and more importantly, gameplay. Some key points of note so far: there are an amazing amount of characters all inter-woven throughout the story via the main plotline or side missions, spanning the history of Batman and Detective Comics. As with Arkham Asylum, there are a wealth of upgradeable gadgets and combat moves. The combat is great. I start to struggle when surrounded by more than ten enemies at once as my feeble brain struggles to keep up, but now theres double counters, several special takedown moves and evasive moves to give Bats a serious ass-kicking edge. I did experience one glitch a few hours in where... nah never mind, it was only minor and I don't want to say anything negative about this masterpiece of a game.


James Sterling said...

lol What glitch?!

Just found Crime Alley. Brilliant!

Bickle77 said...

Woo, Crime Alley! A lot of history in that part of Gotham :D

The glitch was no biggie and I couldn't replicate it but it was when I went back to Bane after destroying all the Titan canisters. We beat up a load of guards and then Bane just stood facing a closed shutter and didn't do anything. Detective mode revealed 2 enemies located in the area behind the closed shutter that I couldn't get at. I couldn't leave the room cos it said I needed to clear the area. I quit out, reloaded the mission beat all the guards (as all the shutters opened this time) and then the mission progressed.

The Elderly said...

(Blocks ears....)

8( duh

(Covers eyes.....falls off chair)


...I'm okay, balance isn't what it used to be...