Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Poacher's Choice (Badger)

Poacher's Choice (Badger)
Name: Poacher's Choice
Label: "Notes of Damson & Liquorice"
Brewery: Badger
ABV: 5.7%

Rating: "The wily poacher knows the temptations the lush Dorset countryside has to offer. Just like the Badger, the Poacher craftily seeks out its treasures and makes the most of sumptuous local ingredients. This rich, smooth brew has softly spiced sweetness with dark liquorice notes and a fruity damson aroma. A gutsy ruby ale that is well matched with hearty game pie or a tangy mature cheese." I think my Badger collection with revamped labels is complete now... *hic*

Game: You're no doubt aware that Dark Souls is a pretty tough game. You should definitely know now as I've just told you in that surprisingly informative preceding sentence. Whilst unboxing Dark Souls I could see the control-pad start to cringe at the prospect of being launched through the telly in a fit of game-rage. The telly is just glad the game's not Kinect enabled as potentially I could be launching myself through the telly in a fit of game-rage. Fear not though my little beige controllery-type device and slightly aging HDTV. Its true, the game is absolutely and horrifically solid, however upon death there's more a sigh of resigned inevitablility than a bout of full on anger. You're supposed to progress a little bit at a time as you get better. Last night I got killed by a massive dragon, then some ghosts, then I fell down a hole a bunch of times and got absolutely nowhere in the process. So I put Dead Island on and mashed some zombie heads for an hour. Love it! I will master Dark Souls though, mark my words...


James Sterling said...

Gah! I really want this game but have just bought about 3 in the last week! Need to stop being such a 'starter-finisher'!

It seems like one of those games where you think 'it can't as hard as they say it is' though deep down you know it probably is!

The Elderly said...

(stares at barely played ps2 special edition Devil May Cry 3)

Devil souls does frighten me, I want it, I feel I could beat it, but then I look at my past history...a sad blight on my gaming curriculum..

there's just too many games out there I want... maybe I could study hypnotism, get my boss to give me say 3 months fully paid leave of absence...

well it's a plan! :)

Bickle77 said...

Yeah I was definitely thinking it wouldn't be quite so difficult as the hype would have us believe. I had a better session tonight though. I didn't actually get any further, mind... but the penny finally dropped regarding combat. So slight progress - the game has to be played to appreciate it's awesomeness/difficultness.

Bickle77 said...

Same here, there are masses of games that I want! The game is beatable but will take some practice. Its one to have on the go for the next year or so I reckon.

I was thinking of trying to arrange some kind of Fight Club scenario whereby I make it look like my boss has beaten the living cr*p out of me in order for me to say "I won't tell HR so long as you pay me my normal salary but I get to 'work from home' forever" - where 'work from home' actually means 'being at home but not actually do anything work related'.