Saturday, 22 October 2011

Glencoe Premium Wild Oat Stout (TSA)

Glencoe Premium Wild Oat Stout (TSA)
Name: Glencoe Premium Wild Oat Stout
Label: "Triple filtered for added purity - Brewed and bottled in Scotland using pure Scottish water with malted barley, whole hops and yeast"
Brewery: Traditional Scottish Ales
ABV: 4.5%

Rating: "Tasting notes: Deliciously rich and full bodied stout with the characteristics of toasted oatmeal and chocolate."  I don't drink stout much, but when I do I always think 'Wow, I should drink stout more.'

Game: I can't discuss Batman: Arkham City because I'm literally lost for words for how amazing it is. Like I said on Twitter, why can't Rocksteady now make ALL superhero games, as they've done something incredible with Batman. Imagine them developing a Superman game? Or Marvel-ling it up with Spider-Man, X-Men or Hulk?

In other news, following my post on Inside Xbox Monday Musing, I also managed to get on last Tuesdays Tweetbate (18/10/2011) somehow!  The question: "What's the furthest you've gone in order to earn an achievement." My response: "I've been exercising like a madman trying to get all the UFC Personal Trainer achievements. I weigh about 3 stone now though."  It wasn't the winner, which I guess technically makes me a loser. To get on Tweetbate, check the Xbox dashboard (Inside Xbox Tweetbate panel) and tweet your answer to the question @IXTweetbate.


James Sterling said...

Read the tweetbate twice and didn't even notice! Result!

Glad Arkham is as good as all that. Just bought it myself but didn't quite beat your unblocking record. Nearly lost a limb trying!

Question: Did your copy come with a Catwoman DLC code/pass? Mine didn't despite it being sealed...

Bickle77 said...

Cheers :D

Re: Bats, mine did come with a Catwoman DLC code. Just done a search and it appears that the DLC hasn't been added to some copies of the game :( Check this tweet from @arkhamcitynews. This sucks because there's a whole differnet beginning to the game!

Bickle77 said...


The Elderly said...

You made it on tweetbate!! Congratulations and you woz robbed! The cat woman code issue was supposed to be a rare event, how are they resolving it? :(

Bickle77 said...

Not sure how they're resolving it tbh. Was reading somewhere that you had to provide:
- Your receipt / proof of purchase
- Your gamertag
- Your email address
- A photo or scan of the package and game disc
- A scan or digital picture of the code sheet (both sides)
- Inside leg measurement
- Birth certificate
- Passport
- Driving licence
- Mother's Maiden name
- Date of Grandmas birthday (and age at last birthday)

Not sure if this was US though.

James Sterling said...

lol more or less everything aside from a swab and a lock of my hair then!

Not quite sure what they are going to do about this but the shop were unsympathetic when I called despite my best efforts.

Since it's been an issue since the 19th I can't see that there will be a straightforward resolution.

Suppose I'll have to shell out the MSP in order to play the game as it was intended.

Bickle77 said...

Sucks that you'll have to pay extra for it :( Its a shame that the video game industry's desperate attempt to thwart the second-hand market with DLC means that some of us will end up paying even more for the full experience, just because they've messed up with the codes during production. I'm not totally against the idea, but they need to get it right!

James Sterling said...

Indeed. I stated as much in a lengthy email to WB Games last night. May not come to anything, but always good to vent!

On the plus side though, how good is Arkham City?! It already seems like a massive improvement on Asylum.

Bickle77 said...

Yeah, agreed. Its like Asylum times 100! Cant get enough of it at the moment and nothing else is getting a look in, game-wise.

The Elderly said...

Looking forward to the response from WB if you get one. Thanks for the heads up, forearmed is forewarned, though I can't see my local game store opening packets to check for the code.

Sad that WB haven't sanctioned a store replacement, though consumer law would suggest some entitlement to a replacement, especially if the DLC was part of the product pitch.

Arkham Aslyum was simply stunning, I had experienced nothing like it at the time or since, needless to say this is in my sights and there is a lonnnngggg weekend a coming!! :P