Thursday, 29 March 2012

Eagle IPA (Wells)

Eagle IPA (Wells)
Name: Eagle IPA
Label: "Born and brewed in Bedford"
Brewery: Wells
ABV: 3.6%

Rating: "Brewed in the heart of Bedford with the finest Red Tractor accredited malted barley and natural mineral water from our well, sunk by Charles Wells himself in 1904." The eagle has landed, and it's well tasty!

Game: I am alive! That's not just me pointing out the obvious, it's actually a downloadable game from Xbox Live Arcade. For a tasty teaser preview check Downloadable games still don't seem to compare that well with full retail titles, so boxed games have nothing to fear just yet. But I am Alive contains some great ideas, controls and combat are a bit wonky yet overall the game just oozes atmosphere. Well worth a look. 7/10


Elderly Gamer said...

Thank you :D

I'd hug you if it weren't for that big red tractor.

(Toasts the health and prosperity of his blogging neighbour)

I am alive is definitely on my must buy list, even your comment checker has got class....

"dirst eyeancer"

Bickle77 said...

It takes me ages to come up with those captcha code thingies, glad you like it. The red tractor thought up dirst eyeancer tho so can't take credit for that. He's a bit of bad ass so it's good to have him on our side!

Bickle77 said...

Cheers for the retweet!!

Elderly Gamer said...

I love the tractor... hic!
all two of em!... and I bet they've got Roman ancestry..

who else woulda thought a

"stionex vionl"