Saturday, 31 March 2012

Harvest Pale (Castle Rock)

Name: Harvest Pale
Label: "The finest blonde beer - quality ales fortified with flavour"
Brewery: Castle Rock
ABV: 4.3%

Rating: "Originally brewed under the name of Trammie Dodger for the 2003 Nottingham CAMRA Beer Festival, Harvest Pale has become a beer of which we are particularly proud. We believe that we've created a golden, crisp and satisfyingly hoppy beer that retains the guile and poise that you'd expect from a true champion. Enjoy!"

Game: Killed a Reaper. Still playing Mass Effect 3. Not played anything else for ages. Possibly turning into a Husk. Sad face. By the way, the best synopsis ever for a TV program: Andy Farrant (@Farrantula) on SentUAMessage about The Walking Dead, "... about some people arguing in the woods near some zombies." So simple, so true. Everyone's in agreement though, it is a brilliant series. If you've never seen it, it's well worth a watch.


Elderly Gamer said...

Always had a special place in my heart for blondes and some have had worse names than Trammie Dodger.

Yet to see The Walking Dead, but on your recommendation, which hasn't failed me yet it's now on my must watch list.

Gotta curb my list making, they just keep getting longer.....

Elderly Gamer said...

And congratulations on your reaper kill! :) Another fracking lobster hits the dirt.... Yeah!!!!!

Bickle77 said...

Yeah I know what you mean about lists. I have to do / to buy lists dating back to the '80s.

Cheers re: the lobster killing. They're becoming quite bothersome to be honest. I'm thinking of trying to recruit those two pissed red tractors to the Normandy crew to help out around the place.