Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fraoch (Heather Ale Ltd)

Fraoch (Heather Ale Ltd)
Name: Fraoch
Label: "Fraoch is Scotland's native ale. Fraoch is Gaelic for "Heather". Heather ale has been brewed in Scotland for four thousand years and is the oldest style of ale still made in the world. The Picts who ruled Scotland until the 9th Century were known to brew the legendary heather ale, these "people of the designs" were the creators of the artistic style of our label."
Brewery: Heather Ale Ltd (William Bros. Brewing Ltd)
ABV: 5.0%

Rating: "Fraoch has a floral, peaty aroma, full malt body, spicy herbal flavour and a dry wine like finish." I've just realised that Scottish ale is ace, and this one in particular is sublime. Seek it out!

Game: Still playing Mass Effect 3 (obviously).  Tonights mission is the release-day "From Ashes" DLC. A controversial move by Bioware given that it wasn't included in the game, and yet released on the same day as the game, so you have to pay extra to play it. Fortunately, I won ME3 (thanks to the awesome, so shelling out the 800 Microsoft points didn't hurt quite as much. For many gamers though, it has definitely been a bitter pill to swallow. If you don't agree with the DLC don't buy it, it doesn't make or break the overall Mass Effect 3 experience. Said experience being incredible, by the way. Admittedly, purchasing this extra mission is a bit of a contradiction for me because I despise DLC and generally refuse to buy it. I blame the Reapers, they're up to no good I tells ya.

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