Sunday, 4 March 2012

England's Own (Badger)

England's Own (Badger)
Name: England's Own
Label: "Staggeringly Good"
Brewery: Badger
ABV: 4.6%

Rating: "This award-winning brew's spirited origin is reflected in its uplifting white grape and elderflower flavours. A fitting accompaniment to Sunday roast chicken or a whole baked trout with a squeeze of lemon."  I don't have any roast chicken and I'm fresh out of trout, but I do have some Sunday!

Game: One of my new years resolutions was to wait until prices drop before purchasing new games. Well I've failed thanks to The Darkness II. The first big release of 2012 arrives cold on the heels of the horrifically underrated first game. With a swish new look and some amazingly gory gameplay, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to put down. At last, something to help get me over my Skyrim addiction! Gangster sci-fi has never been so much bloody fun! 8.5/10


Elderly Gamer said...

I see what you did there, contrasting the light elderlyberry with the dark.. erm blood.

Loved the original, remember being horrifed at the girlfriend murder scene and the battlefield was where I totally lost it..

Congratulations on kicking the Skyrim addiction

(turns on applause machine....)

Bickle77 said...

There are some flowery bits in the game, round a cemetery and some pot plants at home and stuff, it's not all just blood, blood, gristle and blood you know!

They really know how to tell a decent story when it comes to the Darkness games. I'm very tempted to start picking up the comics too now.

Where the heck did you get that applause machine from?!? I want one!!