Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Ale (Shepherd Neame)

Christmas Ale (Shepherd Neame)
Name: Christmas Ale
Label: "Strong Kent Ale"
Brewery: Shepherd Neame
ABV: 7.0%

Rating: "A glowing winter ale with a heady fruity nose. Crystallised winter fruits combine with festive spicy hops on a platform of smooth warming alcoholic notes, leaving a refreshing cleansing hop finish."  Another Christmas Ale, this is one of my Christmassy favourites. Still seven days of Christmas to go!

Game: Haven't left the house in three days. Going for a record. Also trying to 100% complete Assassin's Creed 4 in between Forza 5 and Mario. Also, I did a survey about future Assassin's Creed games although Ubisoft have sworn me to secrecy! So I can't mention that in the next game Desmond comes back from the dead, goes mad, goes back in time, kills Altair and then jumps in a haystack eating a golden apple with some naked dudes running around whilst his future self disappears up his own DNA. Can't wait. Oh and keep it a secret.

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