Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Ale (St Peter's)

Christmas Ale (St Peters)
Name: Christmas Ale
Label: "Happy Holidays - Happy Christmas"
Brewery: St Peter's
ABV: 7.0%

Rating: "A smooth, fruity, full-bodied ale, the perfect companion for Christmas savouries, sweets and snacks."   And boy have I eaten a lot of Christmas savouries, sweets and snacks!  And this, another top quality Christmas beer. I wish it could be Christmas everyday! Hey, someone should write a song to that effect!

Game: Didn't think I'd make it but managed to 100% Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. Was up until 2.30am treasure chest hunting and looting ships for metal to upgrade the Jackdaw and strangely enjoyed every minute of it. Had a bit of a panic when I only had 21/22 treasure maps but it all ended well. The Legendary ships were a bit tricky too. Luckily I seemed to start with the most difficult one so the others proved a lot easier.  Best Christmas ever!  A beer to celebrate you say? Aye!!

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