Saturday, 30 June 2012

London Glory (Greene King)

London Glory (Greene King)
Name: London Glory
Label: "Great British Beer - A rich & fruity ale"
Brewery: Greene King
ABV: 4.0%

Rating: "Our expert brewers have combined Crystal Malt with Challenger and Golding Hops to create this rich and fruity brew, in celebration of our great capital city."  It's random celebration time! I'm celebrating... erm... not being dead!

Game: Recently I've been test driving the new Amazing Spider-Man game on the iPad courtesy of I thought it was great, not quite Batman (because it's Spider-Man) but still great. Did anyone see that Batman game on YouTube where it was Batman but set in Victorian England? It looked rubbish.  But I digress, have a looksy at the full Amazing Spider-Man review here. It made 'Featured' article and everything!


Elderly Gamer said...

Congratulations on popbucket award... :)

(carries in crate of champagne...)


:( oops I think I've strained something....

Bickle77 said...

Ow, sounds painful! Here let me grab you a chair and a glass for that bubbly! Must have cost a fortune!

A toast - to writing stuff that lives on the Internet! Cheers!!

Elderly Gamer said...

(stands on chair)

It dosen't take me much encouragement at the best of times but I will certainly drink to that!!!!

Horrayyy!!!! by the way I should tell you the champagne fell off a truck onto a strategically placed cushion, which in my opinion makes it taste even better..

hic! oops pologies.. bubbles!!

Blogger Customs Officer said...

(Takes notes...)