Friday, 1 June 2012

White Shield (Worthington's)

White Shield (Worthington's)
Name: White Shield
Label: "Closer to cask for a fuller flavour - our finest India Pale Ale for true IPA connoisseurs"
Brewery: Worthington's
ABV: 5.6%

Rating: "White Shield is the longest surviving India Pale Ale and one of the UK's most heavily decorated ales, having won numerous Campaign for Real Ale awards." This is probably one of the liveliest beers I've ever had. And when I say lively I mean 'really fizzy', it wasn't shouting and jumping around or anything.

Game: Got a tad annoyed tonight playing Catherine. It's a brilliant game but the block-moving puzzley bits do get highly frustrating at times. Not as annoying as people who say "simples" and pretend to be a meerkat (those people could do with a Max Payne style bullet to the face scenario), but the puzzling did get annoying enough for me to shout, "Fuck you, you fucking piece of fuck!" I don't even know what that means and I don't tend to swear that much so this sudden outburst was a surprise to say the least... shameful almost. Maybe it's time to give up gaming and take up a less stressful hobby? Sewing maybe. Beer and sewing...?


Elderly Gamer said...


crotchet perhaps?

Though cursing is significantly better than say a high flying controller.

my edited reply to info on the "Dog"

Not as rough around the edges as I expected (graphics 80% compared to Witcher), but thus far it's held me in thrall, mind you I did create a Triss Marigold lookalike which may be responsbile.

Big downer (though increasingly less so) is the constant "comments" by your pawn, really frustrating at times, well that and a suicidal Pawn
that seem to think nothing of running on into dangerous bands of bandits.

Starting with a rusty sword, shield and a fisherman's outfit... the way all rpg's should start, I created my first primary pawn, killed me a few Goblins and wolves, collected some flowers to heal the villagers and watched the sun set over a torch lit beach....

A bit of a button basher on my first monster, a troll... and not altogether pleasing,didn't feel I had much of a part in his downfall.

Perhaps because it's so new, but it has been the "Dog" for my principal gaming pleasure over the weekend, while Max, Geralt and mr Amalur lie dormant... to decipher your coded fck! message...

Bickle77 said...

The "Dog" sounds like its a bit good then! I thought the graphics in Witcher were great so 80% is more than reasonable, no? I reckon I will get this but it will have to be when I've finished my other games currently on the go.

...goes off to rewrite gaming schedule...

Elderly Gamer said...

I'd advise a rental first... though if your catching up on games is anything like mine, it'll be in bargain bin by then.