Saturday, 16 June 2012

Snake's Bite (Wychwood)

Snake's Bite (Wychwood)
Name: Snake's Bite
Label: "Cider apple fruit beer - serve chilled or over ice"
Brewery: Wychwood
ABV: 4.2%

Rating: "Give in to temptation with this sinful blend of traditionally crafted beer, infused with Cider Apples. Forgive yourself for enjoying its truly distinctive, refreshing fruit flavour." Best. Label. Ever. An absolute stunner of a beer too. I could drink this til the snakes come home. But then I'd have to drunkenly stumble from the house screaming like a girl if those damn snakes do turn up again.

Game: Not much gaming this week due to Euro 2012. However something game related did happen! A few weeks ago when Microsoft ditched Inside Xbox, I voiced my displeasure and Dan Maher mentioned my blog on Twitter, which was most kind of him. He later asked whether people would donate money to fund a pilot episode of a game related TV programme. Due to an abject lack of decent game related televisual productions I thought it sounded like a great idea. Well today is time to put my money where my, er, keyboard is and so I donated, an albeit paltry amount s'all I could afford, to the Project Possum project (I couldn't think of another word for project so had to say the Project Possum project). As I occasionally get free beer thanks to this site I thought I'd spread the "wealth", only managed the bronze perk though... and I'm on bread and water for the remainder of the month.


Elderly Gamer said...

You put down your controller and help kick start a rebellion!! Result!! :)

No worries I'll help you with all that bread and water....


Tom Badguy said...

I can't stand the apple stuff, but great site. I will totally check back in for some ideas on some new brews I should try.

Bickle77 said...

Thanks Tom! I was of the same opinion re: appley-type beverages. It's taken several years but I seem to have acquired a taste for them now....

Hope you enjoyed the toast butties Mr.elderly!